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One of the things that I asked about a long time ago was the fact that my temp gauge always seemed to creep up when I had my headlights on (in the 4kq)...
Seems like the ground on the gauges gets in pretty poor shape, and the gauge reads high, especially when the dash lights are on.
I can get my indicated oil temps to drop by 10-15 degrees Celsius by using the dimmer for my dash lights (when they've been on for a while).  Ought to get around to fixing that.
Might be worth checking that ground anyhow, and seeing if it is causing a problem.

Good Luck!
Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
93' 90 Cs
83' 944

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>Subject: Re: more BOOOOST!
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>Sure, a sheetmetal box around the front of the oil cooler will help, keeps
>air from going around the cooler...but, I'm surprised you are getting such
>extremely high oil temps just cruising around, I can imagine if you actually
>pushed the car hard for 30 minutes what it would do.  Its also odd that your
>oil temps are so extreme without any effect to your water temps.
>When cruising, even if running extremely lean, you won't be getting any
>detonation, I like to tune my car really lean for cruising, it gets better
>mileage, no reason to burn all that gas, and there is no ill effect in doing
>so.  I get about 12-1400F EGT's cruising, they don't bother or worry me,
>there is no load on the engine, its not really hurting anything.  Plus, at
>freeway speeds there is a lot of air moving in and around the exh.
>manifold/turbo/downpipe and radiators, so a little extra heat usually isn't a
>Under WOT and high load, High EGT's and detonation are obviously a problem,
>but that doesn't sound like what you are describing - is it?
>Its a stupid question, but are you 100% that your gauge is reading correctly
>(you never know), esp. considering your coolant temps?
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>mswanson at writes:
> > Where's your oil cooler currently mounted?  What do you have for a
> radiator?
> where my intercooler used to be on my old CIS setup:  stock UrQ location
> front-lower passenger side.  Not a lot of airflow in there..
> Later

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