Lime Rock Park Vintage Festival

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Aug 8 12:56:32 EDT 2002

>What state is Lime Rock in.  If I have any chance at all to get my wife to
>do this I need as many details and accomodations as far in advance as

Lime Rock Park is in Northwest CT.  One of the ways to get there is
to take 684 from the Westchester, NY area to 22, then 343->41(I
think, check a map :-)  Probably an hour and half from White Plains,
I'd guess.  A fantastic drive once you get up 22 a bit and into the

I'd suggest looking over the information at;
there's a section there on lodging which is a place to start.  Lots
of places to stay in the area, especially if you don't mind a 15 mile
drive on roads which are mostly 50-55mph*...its beautiful country;
the area around Lime Rock is sort of the bottom of the Berkshire
mountains.  Great Barrington MA and Lee MA are about maybe 30 minutes
away, and there's everything from a glass sculpture place there to
tons of antique shops along the way; the very famous
Tanglewood( is within reasonable distance as
well(looks to be 6 concerts between the 31st and the 1st.)

FYI, on lodging- the Wake Robin Inn is under new management and very
nice by all accounts- but has been bought up for the weekend by BMW,
who is sponsoring the Festival.  Torrington has a variety of basic
chain motels from $70-100/night and is 20-30 minutes away, which is
most likely where I will end up since I'm on a budget.  Iron Masters
Inn is reputed to be..."rustic"(and hence overpriced), but the club
always ends up doing registration for tech events and such there, so
I guess it can't be that bad(and I've never set foot on the place, so
I shouldn't say too much.)  You'd better check your heart medication
before you call Interlaken for their prices, at least from what I'm
told, but everyone has a different idea of what "expensive" is.
Sharon Motor Inn is a basic motel w/pool, rooms are very basic but
upkeep it excellent- everything works, its clean, etc.  I've stayed
there once with my father for a PCA event, and he stays there every
time he goes to LRP.  Its maybe 15 minutes from LRP.

One tip- just put into Google "lime rock park"(in quotes so it looks
for the phrase) and something like lodging or hotel, etc...I came
across a lot of various webforums for different racing groups with
people talking about the different places to stay, VERY helpful.
Basically, within 30 minutes of the track is a pretty big radius and
encompasses a lot of places, practically out to Poughkeepsie.
Travelocity and Orbitz might be useful just to find bigger-name
places(they won't have most of the inns, b&bs, motels etc right near
the track though- none are big-name chains.)  Great Barrington and
that area is absolutely swamped with B&Bs, there's also a chain or
two in GB, as well as the Red Lion Inn.  I've only stayed at Sharon
Motor Inn so far.

I think that finding lodging -should- be a lot easier than it was for
the Memorial Day races, which attracted something like 200,000
people...but I'd hurry up and find a place NOW.  Decide how much you
want to stay for- there's stuff every day from Friday morning until
Monday afternoon going on at the track regardless of what the club

*LRP area is heavily patrolled by CT state troopers, particularly
during event days(duh :-).  They have a barracks right near by, use
instant-on radar, and hide practically in the bushes.  Drive the
speed limit and enjoy the scenery, folks.  Besides- the club has
plenty of track events for the other stuff...
"They that give up essential liberty to obtain temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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