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I'm smiling somewhat that this is really even news, tho I believe if you read
the archives, I posted most of this already . The k24 also chokes the output
to the downpipe cuz the blades pitch blocks flow more than the Rs2.  The RS2
uses the k26 bearings and center section.   The hot side of the RS2 is
SMALLER than the k26 found in the MC cars.  There are other ways to address
lag than offering "different" exducers, but offering different exducers is
one way to skin the same cat....

If turbos really interest you, you can get a set of dial calipers and have
all this information without ANYONE having to spoon feed you the summary.

I wonder what kind of turbo woud give the claimed output of 435, then 2 weeks
later 450HP out of a 10vt?  That claim comes from herr fletcher hisself
(audiworld archives).  Maybe he can share that "secret".

Back to normal programming

Scott Justusson. S.O.B.

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BRAVO Ned!!!

That's more information in one post Than QshipQ has posted in 7 years.

>The K numbers refer to the turbine side
>The RS2 turbo IS a K24 with special K26 compressor housing. . .
>How is the RS2 turbo different from the "stock" K24?
>     Larger shaft for greater high rpm stability
>     Larger bearings
>     Larger compressor
>        Same exducer diameter as "stock" K26
>        Inducer is larger than both "stock" K24 & K26
>           So "stock" K26 has its own built in restrictor
>           "Stock" K24 does not have enough metal to bore out.
>        Before the RS2 turbo tuners would sleeve a K26 compressor
>        and then machine it larger
>     Larger exducer from the turbine
>        More lag
>           That is why we offer a special model
>           with an exducer between the two.

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