Inhaling and Exhaling...

Benjamin Kaupp bkaupp at
Thu Aug 8 10:43:09 EDT 2002

Well, the time is quickly coming to make Audrey ('87 4kcsq) a bit
faster. And now that I've finally found a good shop (R&D Motorsports in
Capitola, CA) to fix whatever I screw up, I'm ready to go... So my
questions are:

1) Intake... How much more power do I get with a full cold-air system
than with just switching to a K&N (and how much actual improvement from
the K&N?) And who produces cold-air systems for a 4kcsq (or do I get to
make my own)?

2) Exhaust... the Stebros at Blau look nice... is it true that you get
6% more torque? (about... 8 more lb. ft.?)

3) both... I really like the sound of my car... I know it's gonna be
louder with the exhaust, but is the combo of intake and exhaust gonna
make it sound all whirry and vroomy and tinny and icky and... gasp!....
Honda-y? Or will it retain that nice Audi 5cyl sound?

I think that's all... This of course comes after the brakes and
wheels/tires (next week! woohoo!)


'87 Audi 4kcsq (my ride, goin' cross state and drippin' all the way!)
'02 BMW Z3 2.5 (Dad's daily driver, just stuck new Dunlop S03s on it)
'00 Jaguar S-Type 3.0s (Mom drives it horribly, eats through tires and
'90 Isuzu Trooper (Ugly, loud, underpowered, but it can tow the boat and
the cars)
'69.5 VW Karmann Ghia (Brother just ran it into another car... see, I'm
not  the only one)

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