neat stuff at the local dealer (A8 pricing)

David Head v8q at
Thu Aug 8 14:11:40 EDT 2002

Aluminum body and general repair costs are most of it - If the body is repaired
with tools having any steel contamination, a galvanic corrosion will occur,
relatively quickly. I haven't heard much in the way of problems with them, other
than a trans gasket, valve cover gaskets, and the occasional climate control

The market in used flagship models of any manufacturer is pretty soft... 25-30%
depreciation per year for the first three years is pretty much the norm. A 70K
car is work 50K at year one, 38K at year two, and 27K at year 3. If you are
faced with buying a two year old A8 or a brand new A6, most would opt for the
A6. They will drop into the 15-20K range at years 4 and 5, and then drop based
mostly on mileage and condition.

Russell Kubycheck wrote:

> Any idea on why the A8q's are going for this price? Are there any expensive
> problems or maintenance intervals that warrant the low cost?
> Russ
> '99 A6q
> '97 A7qw
> (I could always use more room with the three car seats I have, they just fit
> across the rear seat of the A6s.)
> David Head wrote:
> >Actually, 97 A8qs are going in the $18-20K range, and 3.7 fwd models:
> $15-17K...

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