Inhaling and Exhaling...

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I second Mike's advice- a nice MC transplant into the 4kq would give
it some serious power, with a SJM chip and exhaust, you should be around
220hp or maybe a tad more.

6psi? K24 at 12psi, more like it.


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> Well, the time is quickly coming to make Audrey ('87 4kcsq) a bit
> faster.
Good, turbo it! It's the cheapest way to go.

> 1) Intake... How much more power do I get with a full cold-air system
> than with just switching to a K&N (and how much actual improvement
> from the K&N?) And who produces cold-air systems for a 4kcsq (or do I
> get to make my own)?
A K&N might give ya 2hp. The stock intake IS in fact a cold air intake.
Well it's supposed to be, maybe some of that stuff is missing from your

> 2) Exhaust... the Stebros at Blau look nice... is it true that you get

> 6% more torque? (about... 8 more lb. ft.?)
Maybe another 3hp on the stock motor. I don't think a cold air intake
and exhaust are going to give you much more than noise. I had less in my
CIS turbo system than an exhaust system costs and it ran 15.5 at 85 in the
quarter mile....(stock was 17.4 at 78 or something) If you really want more
power naturally aspirated, you're getting into cams, headwork, higher
compression. All of these increase in cost exponentially. Bolt on a K24
at 6psi and you're done with it. Gobs of torque, and lots more HP too.

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