Inhaling and Exhaling...

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Thu Aug 8 11:46:10 EDT 2002

Yeah but at 6psi you can use the stock fuel and ignition systems. Maybe even
8psi. I didn't push more than 6 without an extra injector, Javad says 8-10
is okay, YMMV.

> I second Mike's advice- a nice MC transplant into the 4kq would give
> it some serious power, with a SJM chip and exhaust, you should be around
> 220hp or maybe a tad more.
> 6psi? K24 at 12psi, more like it.
> Taka
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>> Well, the time is quickly coming to make Audrey ('87 4kcsq) a bit
>> faster.
> Good, turbo it! It's the cheapest way to go.
>> 1) Intake... How much more power do I get with a full cold-air system
>> than with just switching to a K&N (and how much actual improvement
>> from the K&N?) And who produces cold-air systems for a 4kcsq (or do I
>> get to make my own)?
> A K&N might give ya 2hp. The stock intake IS in fact a cold air intake.
> Well it's supposed to be, maybe some of that stuff is missing from your
> car.
>> 2) Exhaust... the Stebros at Blau look nice... is it true that you get
>> 6% more torque? (about... 8 more lb. ft.?)
> Maybe another 3hp on the stock motor. I don't think a cold air intake
> and exhaust are going to give you much more than noise. I had less in my
> CIS turbo system than an exhaust system costs and it ran 15.5 at 85 in the
> quarter mile....(stock was 17.4 at 78 or something) If you really want more
> power naturally aspirated, you're getting into cams, headwork, higher
> compression. All of these increase in cost exponentially. Bolt on a K24
> at 6psi and you're done with it. Gobs of torque, and lots more HP too.
> Mike

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