88 Audi 5000 UPDATE -> poor power

Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 8 14:49:42 EDT 2002

   Jim has checked:
catalytic converter
differential pressure regulator
vacuum hoses
cold start valve
idle stabilizer valve
replaced fuel filter
checked the gas tank and screen
took off air intake boot and examined it
fuel pump relay
full throttle switch
added injector cleaner

Car does not have any smoke, but runs poorly as in little poer.

Carbon canister shut-off solenoid doesn't seem to be working . . .
would that cause the car to run poorly ?

He needs next, I guess, pressure gauge for fuel line, means of taking
injectors out and measuring the flow of gasoline.  Anyone done this?

He has not done a compression check:    When we got together I am
positive I had a compression check for my metric cars.   Claims he
cannot find it.   So we will have to buy one today I guess!!
Recommendations as to where or what kind to get ?

Any other suggestions . . . ?   thanks    Fay and Jim

Jim's '88 Audi 5000
2.3 liter engine
No Turbo, No Q

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