neat stuff at the local dealer (A8 pricing)

Lee Levitt lee at
Thu Aug 8 15:28:54 EDT 2002

"Russell Kubycheck" <crk022 at> writes:

> Any idea on why the A8q's are going for this price? Are there any
> expensive problems or maintenance intervals that warrant the low cost?
> David Head wrote:
> >Actually, 97 A8qs are going in the $18-20K range, and 3.7 fwd models:
> $15-17K...

Lease programs.

A high percentage of luxury cars are the range of 70% or higher,
depending on the make/model, and as large numbers come off lease, they tend
to depress pricing.

I learned this the hard way...I bought a one year old Range Rover 4.0SE a
couple of years ago, and a year later, when lots of previously leased 4.0
and 4.6 models came on the used car market, the value of my truck plummeted.
Which wouldn't have been a big problem, but I decided to sell it to buy my
S6. I lost in value on the Range Rover pretty much exactly what my S6 cost!

Remind me not to buy any more newish cars!

'95.5 S6 avant
'96 A6 quattro avant

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