Inhaling and Exhaling...

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Thu Aug 8 15:28:46 EDT 2002

Agreed, for most practical purposes, the full MC fuel and ignition system is not necessary, any of the CIS systems support 8-10 psi easily.  Pushing past that requires some supplementary fueling, but I ran 18psi with a CISIII system and 5 supplementary EFI injectors no problem.


<<There's nothing wrong with doing the full MC conversion with fuel and ign
systems. I just didn't want to get into the whole wiring fiasco associated
with this. So I used my stock JT fuel and ign for a year, now I have EFI and
life is good :) Making a wiring harness to do EFI is so much simpler than
swapping the acres of MC wiring harness into the car. My ignition control is
working out pretty well so far.
Haven't we been through this a few times?

> With the MC, why can't you just use the entire MC fuel system? I thought
> that's what most people did w/ transplants.
> I have not BTDT, so if there is something that makes this very
> difficult,
> sorry if I made it sound so easy. I'm trying to convince a friend of
> mine
> to do the transplant to his 4kq.
> Taka

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