Tire recommendations

paanta at splatterfish.com paanta at splatterfish.com
Thu Aug 8 15:32:56 EDT 2002

Speaking of tires...how will my 5ktq like a set of Yoko AVS
Intermediates?  I've got a new set of 205/15/50s (or 55?) that were
on a Porsche 914 just sitting around right now...Are they going to be
OK on a car that weighs about twice what the 914 did?

On 8 Aug 2002 at 14:04, Paul R. Luevano wrote:

> I am currently running the Bridgestone Potenza RE950's on the 200.  They work
> really well in everything I have thrown at them, including taking 2nd place in
> class in ice racing last winter.  :)
> They get a thumbs up from me.
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