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Mike Veglia msvphoto at
Thu Aug 8 12:46:48 EDT 2002

In a message dated 8/7/2002 Eric Kissell writes:

<< I believe the electrical part of the switch is available separately from
keyed part. I have replaced the electrical switch part of the ignition
switch on
both of my Type 44's. Are you saying that the keyed part failed? That seems
unlikely. Just replace the electrical part and keep your keys matched. Oh,
already have keys that are not matched. I am not sure how to help you there.
chance you can get the original part. >>

TPC does have the electrical portion. I too have changed mine in my type 44,

Unfortunately, what can happen (as has been reported here by quite a few
over the years) is the shaft that links the lock portion to the electrical
portion can develop a twist over the years. The result is, even with a new
electrical switch (BTDT) is the key stops before the starter contacts are
reached in the electrical portion. Some have had luck gently bending it
back. I was advised to have a new lock portion on hand just in case I broke
the shaft trying to straighten the twist--which was sage advice it turns out
since I did break mine before any straightening happened. Removal of the
lock portion involves drilling a small hole through the housing in a
specific location (as defined in the Bentley manual). You poke something
pointy (like an awl) through the hole to depress a locking spring and the
lock comes right out. Now the bad news. At least in the case of my '87 5ktq
the entire steering column needs to come out to gain access to drill in said
specific location. The job really wasn't that bad. I likely spent more time
trying to figure out a work-around to pulling the column than I did pulling
the column and doing it "the right way."

So, you do truly hope it is just the electrical portion. The first time I
changed my electrical switch I was okay for around a year. Problem (no
start) came back and the second time was when the lock needed to be changed.
IIRC the lock was ~$80 with keys from Carlsen. I drove the car for months by
reaching under and slightly twisting the switch one way while turning the
key the other FWIW.

HTH and good luck.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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