Making up the gap on a total loss?

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Thu Aug 8 15:41:01 EDT 2002

In Texas Insurance companies are required to pay what a vehicle is worth, not what is owed on it. There are two ways to recover the damages..

Sue for the damages and hope a judge feels sympathetic, this will include attorney's fees though.

Recover money for pain and suffering and apply that to the vehicle loan.

Talk with the insurance company and try to convince them to pay more.

This is rather common (especially with new cars when the owner owes more than the vehicle is worth due to depreciation). you might check with the Acura policy and hope the underinsured motorist or GAP insurance is there.

I'd hat eot say it but for the most part your going to be SOL.


In a message dated Thu, 8 Aug 2002 11:58:11 AM Eastern Standard Time, "scott thomas" <scott at> writes:

>My friend just got into a car wreck on our trip
>to Iowa. Saw the whole thing from my 200q.
>Anyway, it's not her fault 100%. There are many
>witnesses and the other driver was given two
>tickets for the accident.
>Her car is a 99 Acura Tl with navigation. The
>car is considered a total loss with $17k+ in
>damage. Before the claim was filed with the
>other insurance co., her insurer offered $21k.
>She paid $33K+ for it, along with a long list of
>recent warrantee work. A new navigation system
>(1 1/2 weeks old), new brakes all around, new
>headlights and front bumper( those HID'S get
>stolen like crazy), paint work, $500+ in tune up
>work, new tires and wheels, and low miles; 30k.
>How do we recover the gap between what we paid
>and what we're going to get? Do we have to sue
>the other guy or his insurance company? He's
>totally screwed in this matter. Still hasn't
>picked his truck up from the storage yard two
>weeks later. I doubt we'll get an offer over
>22k, so how shall we treat this? Not accept the
>offer and deal on it?
>NAC- My 200q made it flawlessly. A/C on high the
>whole way, 100 degrees and on boost much of the
>way. Torrential rain and fog in PA. Bugs
>clogging my radiator core and pelting my
>windshield for the second 600 miles from Toledo.
>Loaded up to the ceiling with her stuff, trunk
>full of heavy boxes, and her pink girl's bike on
>the back. Meanwhile, everyone except me thought
>my car wouldn't make it. Just washed a layer of
>bugs off the hood of the car.
>PA is fun to drive at night. 85 mph is the
>common speed on I80.
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