team doorhandle strikes yet again

TM t44tq at
Thu Aug 8 14:56:19 EDT 2002

It's far for you and you can't pick the stuff up, but if
your local dealers are that bad, call these places:

Crescent City Porsche/Audi- 504-827-1200
Ask for Earl, tell him you're out of town and you heard about
them from the quattro list, BIRA, PCA, whatever. They're in
New Orleans, shipping and transit time shouldn't be too bad
for you.

Don Rosen Porsche/Audi- 610-279-4100
Ask for Rich Buono, tell him I sent you. They're not cheap (little
discount if any, you can work out something if you buy enough stuff
from them). Rich is very good, he knows Audi parts, they get stuff
on time usually. Alternative would be Bill Steele, but then you better
know your parts ahead of time to save errors (nice guy though).

Clair Parts- don't have the number, but you need to call their Clair
Parts number, not the main dealership, or you'll get reamed on prices. Boston area.

The sales people might look down on you, but we have some enthusiasts
at the local dealership and they love it when you come in with a nice
older Audi, shows that you are an enthusiast.


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