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Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Aug 8 13:32:35 EDT 2002

David Manz  writes:
> I am sorry it this appears to be an asinine question. I am confused by the =
> interchange of type XX and series model YYYY. And I know all REAL audi enth=
> usiasts know the types by heart. So  help me out ;-)
> Type 44 =3Daka=3D  5000 (year range?)
> Type 84 =3Daka=3D   dont know
> ...

Try looking here:


Under Other items of interest:, Click on:
    "Audi models, platforms, engines, parts numbering reference, and
     quattro system generations"

> Last guess hunch? did we have types becuase of the different naming schemes=
>  in Europe and USA? 200 5000 et al.
> Also did we phase out the Type xx in the newer models? A4's A8's.
>  Thanks for the clarification!

No, the type codes are basic platform specifications not normally intended
for marketing consumption.  It is used on all part numbers, etc.

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