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Bernard Littau bernardl at acumenassociates.com
Thu Aug 8 14:32:44 EDT 2002

Hi Scott,

Now to be fair here, I think a lot of us assumed when you wrote your friend
paid 33K+ for the car there was an implication that that was a very recent

>> She paid $33K+ for it, along with a long list of
>> recent warrantee work.

If you friend had indeed paid 33K+ very recently for the car, plus all that
other stuff, then "stupidity" was a very mild term.

Now, if the 33K+ was paid three years ago when the car was new, then the
difference clearly is depreciation, and you eat that.  Have you been
following the thread on "Re: neat stuff at the local dealer" dealing with A8

In light of this, George did give you some valuable information. A top notch
example, which your friends car sure sounds like, should be worth $23925.
This is the number you should try and get from the insurance.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5ktq

> I do think your words are quite offensive. It
> was not her stupidity for paying for repairs.
> The car was in perfect condition. The headlights
> were stolen, insurance paid $4,200 for the
> repairs to the front end. The navigation system
> developed glitches. Replaced under warranty. The
> rotors were warping. Replaced under warranty.
> 30k mile service done to the tune of $500,
> including flushing and replacing of all fluids,
> performing an recall work, repairing a loose
> window. Tires replaced with new ones, One new
> wheel. So, $500 for a comprehensive check over,
> tuning, fluid replacement, tire and wheel, OH,
> and alignment seems not too bad now.
> I think you should choose your words carefully
> and not attack other listers on
> their "stupidity" when you probably have some
> events to speak of in your past.
> Incidentally, the work done was by a dealer.
> This ended up allowing for more to be made on
> the claim.
> I have no idea what you're talking about
> regarding the car not being in perfect
> condition. It's a 30k mile Acura driven by a
> conservative female its entire life.
> Maybe you should read closer and realize that
> she bought the car new. You assume people on the
> list are stupid.
> She didn't finance. they paid cash, in full.
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> At 01:45 PM 8/8/02, you wrote:
> >Her car is a 99 Acura Tl with navigation. The
> >car is considered a total loss with $17k+ in
> >damage. Before the claim was filed with the
> >other insurance co., her insurer offered $21k.
> >She paid $33K+ for it, along with a long list of
> >recent warrantee work. A new navigation system
> >(1 1/2 weeks old), new brakes all around, new
> >headlights and front bumper( those HID'S get
> >stolen like crazy), paint work, $500+ in tune up
> >work, new tires and wheels, and low miles; 30k.
> >How do we recover the gap between what we paid
> >and what we're going to get? Do we have to sue
> >the other guy or his insurance company? He's
> >totally screwed in this matter. Still hasn't
> >picked his truck up from the storage yard two
> >weeks later. I doubt we'll get an offer over
> >22k, so how shall we treat this? Not accept the
> >offer and deal on it?
> I just went to kbb.com, and the retail price for
> your friends car (that's
> the price you would expect to pay if you bought
> the car used from a dealer,
> and including every option) is only
> $23,925.  This price is for a car in
> perfect condition (that's what the blue book
> value is, basically is the
> absolute most you should pay for a used car,) so
> all the stuff you mention
> is included in the price, including the 30,000
> miles.  People who pay KBB
> retail expect good tires, brakes, the headlights
> to be in the car, and
> shiny paint on an intact bumper.  Cars in the
> condition you claim shouldn't
> need $500 in tune-ups and a bunch of warranty
> work.
> I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your
> friend got raked over the
> coals in this deal (I use this term loosely,) to
> the tune of about $10k.
> The seller is laughing all the way to the bank.
> The KBB retail on a 2001 TL
> (with 10k miles) is only 31K.
> So, the insurance company isn't going to pay for
> your friends stupidity. I
> would get a lawyer.  This is getting over your
> head.  I assume there was
> some bodily injury in this accident (at least
> aches and pains.)  Usually
> the lawyer who does the personal injury will
> take care of your car
> settlement for nothing, getting paid out of his
> third of the injury settlement.
> BTW, one of the options offered during the
> financing portion of a car
> purchase is Gap insurance.  It covers your
> friend's current dilemma.
> George Selby
> 83 Audi Coupe GT
> gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
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