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George Selby gselby4x4 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 8 17:37:06 EDT 2002

At 03:40 PM 8/8/02, you wrote:
>I think you should choose your words carefully
>and not attack other listers on
>their "stupidity" when you probably have some
>events to speak of in your past.
>Incidentally, the work done was by a dealer.
>This ended up allowing for more to be made on
>the claim.
>I have no idea what you're talking about
>regarding the car not being in perfect
>condition. It's a 30k mile Acura driven by a
>conservative female its entire life.
>Maybe you should read closer and realize that
>she bought the car new. You assume people on the
>list are stupid.
>She didn't finance. they paid cash, in full.

 From what I understood, the Acura was just purchased, my fault for the
misunderstanding.  That, however make's his questions even more
questionable.  He wants the full price he paid new ($33,000) for a 3 year
old car.  Of course he isn't going to get that. That's how I read the post.

 From how I understood the statement, it sounded like all the work done to
the car was paid for out of pocket.  Because it was all warranty work, it
basically doesn't matter as far as the value of the car goes.  THe car was
damaged/broken, the dealer returned it to working condition.  As to the
30,000 miles service, the post said tune-up, that to me implies poor
running.  So the description of a poor running car with a repainted front
end due to headlight theft didn't sound like a car in perfect
condition.  Now that the whole story is in the light, it sounds much
better.  What does being the car being female owned have to do with
anything?  As you saying men aren't capable of cleaning or taking care of
their their cars?  This is a sexist comment, and I am offended.

However: I apologize for calling the person stupid, as I was obviously (by
my statement) not in full awareness of the situation.

I have, in fact, done stupid things in the past, and generally don't mind
being called on it.

I try not to assume anything.  In fact I assume the people on this list are
quite bright, because they have the sense to own Audis.

George Selby
83 Audi Coupe GT
gselby4x4 at earthlink.net

PS:  As a sidebar, doesn't the NAV system glitches confirm some of my
previous posts on the topic, it only made it 30k miles before the whole
$4500 unit had to be replaced.  What are you going to do at 75k miles when
it is out of warranty and the same symptoms start happening?

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