james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Aug 8 15:49:55 EDT 2002

Ding.  I think we have a winner.  I saw a NASTYCAR
piston once.  Running like 14/1 compression and went
full lean as he ran out of gas at part throttle.
Looked like they used a cutting torch.  It burned a
hole clean through the dome.  Melted right through it.
 EGT's can really soar under part throttle/lean
conditions.  Totally off throttle is still hot but not
nearly so.

Jim Accordino

--- TM <t44tq at> wrote:
> Marc-
> Sounds to me like your car is running too lean at
> part throttle and your
> EGTs are soaring, hence the high oil temps.
> At WOT, you're going full rich and the fuel is
> cooling things down.
> Taka

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