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Thu Aug 8 16:19:41 EDT 2002

> >Ding.  I think we have a winner.  I saw a NASTYCAR
> >piston once.  Running like 14/1 compression and went
> >full lean as he ran out of gas at part throttle.
> >Looked like they used a cutting torch.  It burned a
> >hole clean through the dome.  Melted right through it.
> > EGT's can really soar under part throttle/lean
> >conditions.  Totally off throttle is still hot but not
> >nearly so.
> If this is the case, how come its not reflecting at all in the
> water temps?

As long as the extra heat is within the cooling systems capacity via
thermostat compensation, the temperature of the water should be set solely
by the thermostat.  Sure the water temperature might go up a few degrees,
and open the thermostat a bit more, but that would be undetectable via a
typical Audi analog water temperature gauge.

When the extra heat gets beyond the thermostat's ability to compensate, that
is, when you have a fully open thermostat, then the water temperature will


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