Inhaling and Exhaling...

Huw Powell human747 at
Thu Aug 8 19:34:54 EDT 2002

> >1) Intake... How much more power do I get with a full cold-air system
> >than with just switching to a K&N (and how much actual improvement from
> >the K&N?) And who produces cold-air systems for a 4kcsq (or do I get to
> >make my own)?
> No real gains to be had

Exactly.  I did this:

but just for fun.  K&N gets you a cool sticker, but unless you have an
intercooler, there is nothing for it to "cool."  A nifty ram air set up
like mine looks pretty, and that is important, but it was probably good
for about .3 hp at WOT and high speed.

The K&N has a smaller filter element area than the paper elements, and
forces you to do one of the more awkward jobs on these cars more often
(in order to clean and oil it).

Huw Powell

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