Ice Cat ^. .^ ~ iceisit at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 8 19:43:55 EDT 2002

I cannot believe my bad luck.  I went into the acupuncturist
yesterday late afternoon and there was a band playing music across
the parking lot (office party).   When I can out, someone had sat on
the hood on the drivers side and pushed in down.    I noticed it
immediately when I got in to drive it home.

(I always walk around my car and check it each time I return so that
I can keep track of dings, etc., and deal with stuff when it comes
up.   Except for one fender this car didn't have a mark on it when I
bought it.   A month after purchasing I was hit by a cement truck and
the insurance company did that section plus the trunk so it is easy
to tell when something new is amiss.)

I suggested to my husband that we roll up a rug or towel or something
and close the hood with it under there.      He thinks that will make
it worse.    The hood now sits just under the edge of the fender and
does not have the smooth curve which is had.   Somewhat flat now.

Is this a do it yourself project or shall I take it to a body shop ?

Fay, the ice cat

89 Audi 200 Turbo non-Q
2.2 liter engine,
engine code MC, two knock sensors

    "Friends help ya move . . . real friends help ya move bodies."

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