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j fizz iin10ded at
Thu Aug 8 23:47:41 EDT 2002

<<<They also have a STRONG tendency to look WAY down their nose at any
low-life bottom feeder who has the sheer effrontery to drive an Audi more
than three years old. >>>

man that sux. i go to the audi porsche dealership across the street [rector]
from where i work often, and the parts guys there are nothing but champs.
theyre always really helpful, totally willing to spin the monitor around and
let me parouze the parts. ive NEVER had a wrong part ordered. tho they do
almost never have a part in stock [understandable], and wont take prepayment
over the phone for a part [?!?!?!]

ive often pulled my 5000 into the shop alongside a new 911 turbo and had a
mechanic, salesperson or partsguy walk over and comment positively on the
car. esp the parts guys, theyre all poor too, and i get nuthin but respect
from them [they must know all to well whats involved keeping them runnin

and this place is FANCY. the lounge is beautiful, the cashiers are HOT and
the espresso is free and rockin'  =)

anyway.. thought id share a little positivity. reading this list is one of
the best deterrents i can think of for buying a new audi.


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