4ktq brake upgrade opinions

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Fri Aug 9 00:14:15 EDT 2002

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Assuming you don't want to replace the wheels with 16" ones. The BIRA or other
Porsche Calipers options are excluded.

I would say you have 3 options without replacing the strut housings:

1. Pay the, IMHO, rip off from RPI ($800) for a full set up with Wilwood
Dynalite. Nice but expensive, and they don't sell just the brackets (no

2. If mechanically inclined with some fabrication skills, you can build the
same RPI set up for around $400-500. I'm going to do this once I move to 15"
wheels on my rally car, for now I have too many 14" tires/wheels.

3. Invest in real grippy pads (Hawk race pads for example), run some cooling
ducts, and expect less life on your rotors, and a LOT of dust. That's what I'm
running now.

There must be other combinations, but either involve bigger wheels or my lack
of knowledge.



>From: "Eddy Mattice"
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: 4ktq brake upgrade opinions
>Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:50:26 -0400
>Thought I would see what the collective wisdom had to say about
>Car is a 86 4ktq, h+r's w/bilstein sports, 15" speedlines 205/50r15
>about to have 3" exhaust and some extra boost... I am really trying
>to avoid
>swapping strut housings and everything... So is there any other
>options for
>good brks on this car... w/o spending huge amounts of money or
>86 4ktq
>86 4kq
>84 vw camper
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