4ktq brake upgrade opinions

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Thu Aug 8 20:21:36 EDT 2002

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<< I am really trying to avoid
swapping strut housings and everything... So is there any other options for
good brks on this car... w/o spending huge amounts of money or time??? >>

think of it this way.....if you have a turbo car, you should have a turbo
spec driveline.
nothing good is without money and time....

tho you may be able to find a high dollor brake upgrade like (wilwood)

you still be applying all that stopping power to little cv's with 24 mm
splineshafts and 17mm balls......with a strut swap you could pretty much use
used parts. and you'd have the benefits of 28mm spline shaft cv's and 22mm
balls or 17's depending on which joint/ axle setup you'd want to use.....to
use the 22mm ball cvs you have to get the early 4kq rear axles and 5ktq
tranny flanges( watch out there seem to be 3 different axle assemblies for
the 4kq rear ( 22mm balls outerx22mm balls inner, 17mm balls outer x22mm
balls inner, & 17mm balls outer  x 17mm balls inner)   all outer splineshafts
are 28mm for 4kq rears...and all fronts are 24mm w the exception of urq and
sport quat

To use big brakes you should use big splines....they do this for a
reason...and this is why you can't find a cheap and easy solution

the 22mmx 22mm are what they used in the sport quat & urq & (not to mention
930 turbos and 5ktq's)...although with longer shafts than the 4kq.....it's
worth it just to get the extra strength and keep from eating cv's every year
or two..... It'll still cost you though initially.....but look how much
effort you've already put forth.......this is why a Urq is still a bargain if
you can find one....audi built it right from the start

you won't be able to use your front Bilsteins ,  but you could use the front
springs depending on which strut housing you want to go with....and the good
news would be, that all you have to switch in the rear would be the hubs &
redrill rotors and of course wheels and tires......

so if you dont want to do the above , drop big$ on Wilwoods and prepare to
make mincemeat of your stock cv's.....your turbo will do that anyway

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