recommendations for exhaust

Richard J. Andrews tech at
Thu Aug 8 19:40:59 EDT 2002

on my 4kq with relatively stock everything (except 2.3 cam and empty cat)
i left the middle muffler and had a cherrybomb turbo muffler installed at a
local muffler shop
the muffler only cost 19.99 and install was like $25.
sounds sweet but not too loud either.

i will record sound samples if desired.

'86 4kq
At 11:26 PM 8/6/02, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>   I am getting the exhaust redone on my 85 coupe.  I have no turbo and I am
>replacing the manifold and downpipe with one from a 4kq, so it is a 5-3-1
>instead of the 5-1-1 that I orginally had.  I also am getting rid of the
>resonator and putting just a rear muffler on it.  The question is what size
>pipe should I use from the cat on back, I have heard everything from 2" to
>2.5".  I wanted to know what the pro's and con's are from each size.
>Forgive my inexperience on this matter.  I know that a larger pipe will
>decrease back pressure, but what will that do to HP and torque?

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