recovering gap

Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Thu Aug 8 18:05:17 EDT 2002

> Next, my point is can I legally reclaim the
> amount of the gap from the other driver or
> insurer through legal means?

What gap? If you mean the gap between the 21k offered and the 24k that KBB
says its worth, then yes you (or your friend rather) should be able to
haggle with the insurance company to get the extra $3k. If you mean the gap
of $12k because she paid $33k for it.... your joking right? It's insured for
what it's worth, simple as that, not what you paid for it. My car cost $20k
new in 1988, so if I get in a wreck do I get $20k? Hell no, I get $3k
because that's what it'll cost to replace it. Now on the other hand, I've
heard of people making the other guy's (the person at fault, and this was a
serious fault) insurance company FIND them and BUY them a replacement in
similar condition and mileage. I've heard of this on multiple
occasions...don't know the details of this or anything, but it's worth
looking into.

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