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Maybe this'll help:

Michael L. Riebs
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I am sorry it this appears to be an asinine question. I am confused by the
interchange of type XX and series model YYYY. And I know all REAL audi
enthusiasts know the types by heart. So  help me out ;-)

Type 44 =aka=  5000 (year range?)

Type 84 =aka=   dont know

Type 89 =aka= my car Audi 1990 90 20v??  All 90's for all
                             years 88-93 or so?

Type xx =aka= RS2 ..... Cause I wanna know :-)

Type xx =aka= RS4 ..... Ditto

Type xx =aka= RS6 ..... Ditto ditto

Type xx =aka= urS4

Type xx =aka= S4  Newer one...2000?

Type xx =aka= A6

Type xx =aka= A8

Last guess hunch? did we have types becuase of the different naming schemes
in Europe and USA? 200 5000 et al.
Also did we phase out the Type xx in the newer models? A4's A8's.
 Thanks for the clarification!

~David Manz

1990 90 20v

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