james accordino ssgacc at
Thu Aug 8 18:36:55 EDT 2002

I love experiments too.  Specially when someone else
is doing them and I get to observe. (as it were)  How
about wire tying it to the cooler.  A manually
controlled switch would be much easier to document.
Wait til the temps climb and then switch it on.  I
would confirm the air flow issue at the cooler.  Or
lack of airflow.

Jim Accordino

--- Huw Powell <human747 at> wrote:
> > If this is the case, how come its not reflecting
> at all in the water temps?
> Because the water cooling system is sufficient to
> "lose" all its excess
> heat.
> The oil cooling system isn't - and with the piston
> sprayer engines, the
> oil picks up that extra piston heat *fast*.
> PS, Marc, have you considered setting up a small
> thermostatically
> switched electric fan on your oil cooler?  Or even
> manually switched, to
> experiment?  I know you love to experiment...
> --
> Huw Powell

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