arrghhh.... Exhaust woes.

Nate Beck Nate.Beck at
Thu Aug 8 19:18:56 EDT 2002

I just received my new to me exhaust manifold and downpipe in the mail
today.  The seller was so nice to also send the cat and the o2 sensor along.
I was so excited to get it, I even left work a little early to be home when
the ups driver was there.

I unwrapped it and was suprised to see what might be a crack or 2 in the
manifold.  Is there a way that I can check this myself?  if so how, I
remember faintly seeing something about wd40 and something????  But I am not
sure.  Can someone please help me with this.

Thanks a bunch.

Also I posted earlier about needing the part numbers for the injector seats
and seal.  I decided to take the intake manifold off during this and replace
these parts while I can.  I looked at the family album for these and was not
sure.  There was at least 2 seals listed and what I thought might be the
seat, but was not sure.  Can someone please help me with this.  I have
already gotten the intake manifold gasket and the exhaust gaskets, new
self-locking nuts for the manifold and all.  Just missing these.

Thanks for this also.

85 Coupe GT (with a slight weeze)

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