4ktq brake upgrade opinions

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Thu Aug 8 22:38:43 EDT 2002

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<< 1. Pay the, IMHO, rip off from RPI ($800) for a full set up with Wilwood
 Dynalite. Nice but expensive, and they don't sell just the brackets (no

Wilwoods aren't all they're cracked up to be - if I had the opportunity to do
the brakes, I'd run with either Porsche/Brembo calipers, or get some AP
racing stuff.  That's the hot setup.  You'll pay, but it's worth it.  The
dynalites have piston problems, and tend to flex under heavy braking.  I run
Ate rotors and Pagid pads on my GT on the track, and I've gotten years out of
them, and plenty of high speed stopping power - but I don't have to use them
as much as a turbo car would..


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