quattro digest, Vol 1 #3793 - RE: Twin turbos....Mental institution... Sign us all up

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Thu Aug 8 13:48:11 EDT 2002


Learning to drive well with a slow car can allow you to chase down
many a faster care with something such as a Chebby Astro AWD
mini-van. With a 2.8 V-6! Cornering, carrying momentum and
proper trail braking will allow for significantly better lap times. In
fact, many of the "weaker" cars in terms of HP are faster on course
than more powerful cars on a typical weekend autocross b/c the
drivers learned how to handle their car rather than using their HP.
Let's face it, when my GTi was alive, I often took or nearly took Stock
(unless Bill showed with his C4 Vette) over what should be faster
more powerful cars, all due to handling. 100 BHP wasn't much then and
it sure isn't much now so it was all done in the corners. On a road
course, where there is more time on straights, it'd be a different
story, but in practice, that's even hard to do around here (suburban
Either there isn't the room or you're too likely to get caught.

LL - NY '89 200Q (slower in corners, MUCH faster on straights)

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> Javad is giving very good advice- you learn to carry speed through
> the
> corners
> much better when you start with a slow car.
> Power makes up for a lot of poor driving when you're looking at the
> clock.
> Brett, sounds like you've described Mark Rosenkrantz's ride.
> Even with a very good driver, I don't think any Audi street car is
> going
> to keep
> up w/ a Z06 at the track.
> Taka

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