Inhaling and Exhaling...

JShadzi at JShadzi at
Fri Aug 9 00:17:38 EDT 2002

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I'd say that an optimized 2.3 NG with cam, exhaust, and good head work could
make about 140-150hp at say 6k rpm, not a rocket perhaps, but with a solid
midrange and top end, enough to make things interesting and fun.


> <<So that leaves me SOL for forced induction. Anybody had any luck
> extracting more power out of an NG? I'd love to see 175 HP out of it,
> but would even be happy with 150. It's stock now, so I guess first steps
> will be K&N dropin, exhaust, then get the head ported & polished and
> drop in a new cam. Does that sound right? Thoughts on how much HP that
> would be?>>

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