88 Audi 5000 -- more questions

Dave C conner at cfm.Ohio-State.edu
Fri Aug 9 01:02:31 EDT 2002

You are a smart lady ... Jim should listen to you.  Your method to clean
engine is much better because it will leave the anti-corrosion stuff
intact.  Audi coats the engine with a waxy substance to resist corrosion.
Hot soapy pressure washing will remove this.  The solvent stuff like Gunk
will disolve the grease and leave the wax intact.

What/how is Jim checking on the injectors?  I think Bentley says examining
the spray pattern of the injectors on your car is not a valid test.  There
was an older style of injector (pre-'87 I think, where the spray pattern
was relevant, but not the newer "metal-tipped" ones like you have on the
'88.  Bentley describes testing the metal tipped injectors with a special
tool to pressurize them, etc.

I don't think soaking the injectors will help anything.  It is important to
not allow any particle or speck of dirt to get inside the injectors while
the fuel lines are open.  Soaking them might risk allowing some crud to get
inside that wasn't already there.

My $.02 worth.
Dave C.

Ice Kat wrote...
my Jim went to check the fuel injectors and he has never seen one
before.   I explained what the ones on my old Rabbit looked like and
he is concerned that they are only put in with O rings.    We will
get replacement O rings tomorrow so that we can replace those so that
nice new ones will be in there after we look at it.

Would anyone recommend that while he has the injectors out that he
soak them in parts cleaner or something to be sure they aren't
clogged . . . ?

Also, he wants to take the car to the car wash and wash the engine
with a high pressure hose.  I told him that I didn't think that that
was a good idea . . . that getting engine cleaner at the auto store
and just rinsing with a regular garden hose with no pressure might be
better.    He said he would avoid the electrical parts.

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