Coupe GT cooling fan

Edward J Kellock ekellock at
Thu Aug 8 23:32:14 EDT 2002

The cooling fan in my Coupe GT runs all the time.
During the winter this doesn't happen.  But as summer
approached and the weather warmed, it started to run
without relevance to engine temp.  Now in the midst of
a warm summer, the fan is on all the time.

I unplugged the connector to the temp sensor at the
bottom of the radiator and the fan still runs.

I jumpered the connector pins in pairs (there are 3)
and the fan did not turn off.  I may not have jumpered
all 3 together at one time though.

I swapped the relay with two others and the fan still runs.

The a/c switch is turned off. (a/c compressor is seized)

Is there something else that controls this?

Thanks in advance...

Colorado Springs

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