Headlights FS.....rather long....

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
Fri Aug 9 08:22:06 EDT 2002

Well, folks, I have gotten into the pile of stuff in the loft of the barn in
my annual cleaning out binge, and have again come across my old NON-Euro
headlamps.  These came off my now long departed 200 Avant. They had
approximately 63,000 miles on them when I installed the Euro lights.

Details:  They are US spec, OEM lights.  One light has two stone bruises on
the edge of the reflector.  Here in Maine, it would not have any impact on
the annual inspection process, but elsewhere, it might.  As I recall, there
is a little ding on the other light as well but not near the beam
pattern...on the very edge.  They are still usable, I THINK.

Sometime ago, I offered them for sale, and a fellow bought them. When I got
them down from the barn loft, I found that they weren't perfect, and sent
his check back to him.

Here's a deal:  If you think you could use them, talk to me privately.  I
will try to take some digital pics if you want to see them, and we will make
a deal.  I will want to receive payment for the shipping charges, and I want
a little something for my time....oh, say $25 or so.....and out they go.

If there are no takers, they go to the transfer station at the end of the


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