Nate Stuart newt at
Fri Aug 9 11:12:02 EDT 2002

>Interesting thought.  One known electrical issue that I've got is my
>alternator seems to have an unsteady output past about 4k RPMs.  It
>seems to swing between ~13-15 volts in an AC like fashion.. wonder if
>the capacitor on the back is flaky?
Hey, yours too!? Remember the last ride you got in the 90tq, and the
same voltage fluctuations in it above 4k? Lemme know if you find the
problem. My voltage regulator is virtually brand new, and it seems to be
charging just fine, but any running at high RPMs at night and you can
see a slight flutter in the pisspoor headlight output.

Too bad the 034EFI couldn't log ALL of it's inputs...
<wink><wink>*cough*Javad*cough*, as well as say... injector PW... :)

'89 90tq

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