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If you want any kind of performance out of your car, summer tires ONLY. If you
like going 70 mph in 50 mph corners, you need sticky tires, w/ stiffer sidewalls;
but if you mostly drive straight highway miles or are a stop and go type of driver,
or added cost of a set of snows and/or steel wheels is too much, all season's are
OK. (To save a few bucks, you could get a set of cheap 14" or 15" steel rims or
alloys just for the snows.) All-seasons try to do everything, but in doing so
perform only marginally in all areas compared to summer treads, except snow of
course. The problem is snow and dry driving require completely different
characteristics. For snows, you want soft, higher-profile tires w/ very thick tread.
But the best for summer is a stiffer, low-profile tire w/ very thin, flat tread, as in
the competition tires w/ almost no tread. I think one of the biggest differences in
handling you can make on a car is the tires. Just compare some crappy General
brand all-seasons to a pair of Bridgestone or Sumitomo summer's. The rule I go
by is simple...snow's for winter, summer's for summer. Just my opinion.


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>Yeah, I was thinking of the RE730.  That's what was on my car in the
>undersized 205-60 as a summer tire and I wanted to replace them with
>another summer tire.  Didn't even look at the all-season lines.
>At 06:26 PM 08/08/2002 -0400, Paul R. Luevano wrote:
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>> >
>> > At 02:04 PM 08/08/2002 -0400, Paul R. Luevano wrote:
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>> > >I am currently running the Bridgestone Potenza RE950's on the 200.
>> >
>> > Nice tire but you can't get the correct size for the car if you have the
>> > OEM wheels.
>>Um, for the 200 20V you can.  OEM wheels, OEM size.  215/60-15
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