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Yes, so the PW #'s start bigger and taper off and get smaller, as do the
percentages, so that when you whack WOT, it sends the TPS PW Value to
something like 3 or 4, which effectively blends you out of the TPS matrix
into the MAP matrix.  The trick is, if you're at 3k rpm and you whack WOT,
your rpm for at least a second or two are still going to be in the 3K rpm TPS
box, even though the TPS PW is not at WOT.  Thus, if you have big values in
your WOT PW box, and you go to WOT at a lower rpm, you will be mixing in a
high part throttle % with a big WOT PW #, and it will instantly bog and go
rich.  That is why its important to taper between maps for the best results.


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> Ahh, that makes sense.  Rely more heavily on TPS for low throttle
> (higher mixture % for TPS gain) and then at WOT use a lower TPS% mixing
> to rely heavier on MAP.

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