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Fri Aug 9 11:43:50 EDT 2002

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<<I would think that the coolant temps would eventually be affected by sky
high oil temps.. but maybe the capacity of the cooling system is just so
much higher than that of the oil system that this is not the case..>>

One thing you can guarantee is that turbo converted I5's in smaller chassis
cars don't have a ton of cooling capacity, especially if you're using a stock
core.  High oil temps will be transmitted into the coolant quite quickly.

> <<Then again.. if that was true, how come the cooling system doesn't help
> to keep the oil temps lower.. since the coolant stays fairly cool (and
> certainly below 150c!)>>

Exactly my point all along, that's what doesn't make sense to me, something
sounds fishy about your gauge, but only testing will tell I guess.  Anytime
I've increase either coolant or oil cooling capacity, on the street or track,
in dozens of different cars, both were effected in a cooler way.


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