Exhaust/performance question

Ameer Antar antar at attbi.com
Fri Aug 9 15:45:59 EDT 2002

I would keep the cat in place or maybe upgrade it to a larger or free-flow type cat.
I think some companies make universal types...Borla or maybe it was Flowmaster.
I thought Javad talked about putting in a larger (3"??) cat. Sure you may gain a
few HP near redline, but is it really worth that? I'd rather keep the air I breathe
cleaner. We already know what emissions do to our air, and there is even proof
that emissions caused droughts through out the world by decreasing the
vaporization of water bodies; who knows what else. The difference in emissions
between cat. systems versus non-cat. is huge. Sure your one car might not be the
cause of all our troubles, but that's the ideology of a lot of people, and it adds up.

I think if you stepped up to 2.5" pipes (I assume this a turbo I-5??), and use free-
flow cat and muffler, you'd get a very decent increase in power and you could at
least have a clearer conscience.


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>> I know some of you have changed your exhaust on your
>> turbo charged 5k-200. I
>> was hoping to get some answers from those who have
>> done so.
>> I am considering taking the cat out of my 88 5k tq,
>> since it is not illegal
>> here in Alberta, and I am wondering what kind of a
>> performance increase it
>> would get me (if any) by doing that. Since I'm at it
>> I was also wondering how
>> much more performance I'd get if I changed the
>> entire exhaust to a larger
>> diameter more free flow system. Where would I see
>> improvement?
>I'm not a big fan of removing kitty's, but why not if
>you don't have to have them.  I an exhaust upgrade is
>a must, I've said this before, I just had a glasspack
>put on my car to reduce noise.  Well the shop decided
>to put the 2" version on since they were too lazy to
>order the proper three inch and hope I didn't notice.
>I lost 2-3psi of boost and spool up sucked!  I went
>back and demanded they replace it, sure enough back to
>normal.  Just shows you what a little restriction will do.
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