low boost, but runs well...

paanta at splatterfish.com paanta at splatterfish.com
Fri Aug 9 12:31:07 EDT 2002

  So, after replacing my IC and crank breather hose on my '88 5ktq, I
no longer have a boost leak or major running problems.  The car
idles rock steady now, and is very smooth across the power band.  I
do get a bit of a surge when I'm creeping along at idle and just off it
in 1st gear...but I can deal with that later.
  However, the car is only making 1.1 to 1.2 bar right now.  I know my
WOT switch is suspect, so this morning, I started the car, let it warm
up, and while it was idling I popped the connector on the switch off
and jumpered the WOT switch terminals on the connector.  I still only
saw 1.2 bar at full throttle.
  Questions are:  does just shorting these two terminals together
work, or did I just confuse the ECU by doing that?  If it isn't the WOT
switch, where else should I be looking?  Wastegate frequency valve?


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