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> You can obviously test the whole high EGT theory at
> part throttle in a matter
> of seconds by simply riching up the part throttle
> fueling and seeing how it
> affects your oil temps, but like I said, I run real
> lean mixtures and EGT's
> of 12-1400 in my car all the time with high rise in
> oil temp.
> I can't imagine the EGT's getting much higher than
> 1400 in any part throttle
> condition, no matter how lean its running, and 1400
> (worst case scenario)
> just isn't sky high as far as really increasing
> engine temp, its about 1 or
> 200F higher than an ideal mixture would be.
> I guess what concerns me about this thread is that
> all of a sudden you have a
> few people who have little experience/never tuned
> fuel mixtures, and who have
> not likely seen an EGT gauge jumping in _not_ with
> theories, but unequivocal
> truths.  Seems to be happening a lot lately on the
> list.
> I'm more for exploring theories and testing
> soloutions than spouting off
> factual statements that have no backing or support.
> So, let the testing begin  =)

I've been experiencing some higher oil temps recently,
but I know exactly why, retarded timing, which equals
high EGT's.  Some of you know, some don't, so now
you'll all know that my Haltech has a bug that keeps
it from compensating for air temp.  They say a
replacement is on the way, but I haven't seen it yet.
Anyways, I have it tuned for ~95 outside temp, so
anytime it's below that, timing is retarded compared
to where it should be.  If I know it's going to be
cooler out, I'll give the trim knob a little tweek,
and that whips the timing into shape.  So yea, keep
messing with all those settings, we can sit here and
tell you how they should be set, but the best way is
trial and error.  Then when something breaks like your
O2 sensor because you sprayed a bunch of silicon spray
all over the intake area, you know the symptoms of a
lean running.  Then you realize if you trim the amount
of adjustment the O2 sensor has, and tune your maps
better, next time it dies, you'll barely notice, and
your friends woun't make fun of you for the mess of
wires hanging out of you dash........

Jim Green
'89 90tq 034EFI, Haltech IG5

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