90 turbo hard start

George Kotjarapgolus gkot at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 9 12:25:12 EDT 2002

I have a persitent hard start problem with my 90 200 turbo.
Cranks for about 6 seconds, then would start and would fuel laden due to
long cranking - sputter until fuel cleared then was fine to next cold start.

Replaced the injectors, still problem persists.  Replaced all suspect hoses,
still problem persists.  Checked for leaks all around - none found

Problem progressed to point where it would not not start it.  Replaced
distributor sending unit, now starts but still long cranking.

Help, open to any suggestions.  Local mechanic is quite good but can tell he
is getting weary.

George Kotjarapoglus

gkot at adelphia.com

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