2 more type44 questions

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Fri Aug 9 12:35:12 EDT 2002

WRT the bulbs, I have had the experience that the German made bulbs seem to
last longer than the Korean made ones. Typically the ones with the silver
(or chrome) base are German, and the brassy ones are the "lower grade". Only
about $1 difference for the taillight bulbs, but less hassle!

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA


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> Forgot this w/previous question (car is same '87 5ktq).
> 1. Oil changer guy forgot to use my Mahle filter (grrr...) But he said
> the specs for the one he uses is exactly the same. Hm. He said it's made
> Purolator. I don't believe him. Could it be that P makes a OEM-ish filter?
> 2. I have a lic. plate bulb and 1 rr lamp bulb out. Are there 'preferred'
> brand bulbs for replacement, or is my FLAPS' bulbs ok?
> 3. Just to verify, when refilling my tranny/diff oil, it has to be GL4
> t.i.a.
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