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Fri Aug 9 18:12:01 EDT 2002

I'd like to chime in as well here....

As Javad said, I have no real experience in tuning fuel mixtures yet, nor
EGT testing but I know some things for sure...

My first question to Marc is what oil temp gauge is he using?

Because if he's still using the stock 4kq LED gauge, these are quite
commonly known for not showing the real temp...
I had this concern shortly after buying my car, with the LED gauge, the oil
temp would go as high as 150+ degrees on the smallest burst of power (and
that was a NA 136HP burst of power) and even higher if I had some
electrical consumption going on (like temp would increase 2 LEDs when I
used to turn the headlights on) I first rewired the gauges ground
directly to the ground point in front of the driver's side door and they
would stay rock solid even with the defroster, headlights on, radio, amp
on.... whereas before they could even rise up to 170° if I drove it hard
for 2-3 minutes....
Next I swapped the gauge panel for a CGT analog panel and guess what? My
oil temps never got over 130°, even when I drove for 5+ hours at 180 km/h
(+/- 115 mph) and I mean 180 km/h constant speed with short accelerations
past 200 km/h, of course this was done in Germany!

So maybe his gauge is somewhat out of true (there are some calibrating trim
pots on the back of the PCB, never messed with them but I suppose one could
if we could find the right values)

Just my 0.02 Euros,


At 10:52 9/08/2002 -0400, JShadzi at wrote:
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>You can obviously test the whole high EGT theory at part throttle in a matter
>of seconds by simply riching up the part throttle fueling and seeing how it
>affects your oil temps, but like I said, I run real lean mixtures and EGT's
>of 12-1400 in my car all the time with high rise in oil temp.
>I can't imagine the EGT's getting much higher than 1400 in any part throttle
>condition, no matter how lean its running, and 1400 (worst case scenario)
>just isn't sky high as far as really increasing engine temp, its about 1 or
>200F higher than an ideal mixture would be.
>I guess what concerns me about this thread is that all of a sudden you have a
>few people who have little experience/never tuned fuel mixtures, and who have
>not likely seen an EGT gauge jumping in _not_ with theories, but unequivocal
>truths.  Seems to be happening a lot lately on the list.
>I'm more for exploring theories and testing soloutions than spouting off
>factual statements that have no backing or support.
>So, let the testing begin  =)

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