type44 DUH!

Robert Deis rdeis at io.com
Fri Aug 9 13:07:53 EDT 2002

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Mihnea Cotet wrote:

> >So I went to help a friend jump start his car. I pop the hood of my '87 5ktq
> >and look near the pass. side headlight for the + thingy. Can't find it!  I
> >seem to have either a) lost it or b) don't really know where it is.

You're looking in the right place- it's inside a little black plastic box
thats about the size of a business card, and inch or to tall, with a
flip-top cover. Its mounted on a bracket kind of low behind the passenger
headlight and sort of in the middle away from everything else.

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