[urq] WR-engine - Wiring harnesses

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Fri Aug 9 18:40:08 EDT 2002

Wow! That's a very badly messed-up with harness, Knut Arne!!!!!
Man, I've never seen such harnesses except for when they were supposed to
be removed quickly and sent with the wreck to the junkyard!!!

The last harness picture is supposed to be a dashboard connection but I
didn't use any of the 3B's dashboard connections so I'm not helpful here....

The point is that a harness can be removed very neatly without any cutting
and I really don't understand why the guy who sold it to you did cut it....

There are supposed to be connections for the fusebox, also a BIG connector
for the ECU (didn't notice it but I hope you have it!) but man, you're
going to have a hell of a hard time to put this together and have it

You can use the stock KV harness for the oil pressure warning light, as
well as the oil temp sender, basically just remove the harness and put it
aside, it's better to keep it "just in case"... Then you'll have to mess
with the B (black) connector at the fusebox, there are some connections
there for the ignition coil, and that's all I think, especially if the WR
wiring harness is simpler than the 3B (and I'm pretty sure it is!).... Oh,
and don't do the same stupid thing as I did, don't remove the wires for the
starter solenoid in that B fusebox connector, otherwise everything will be
fine but you won't even hear the starter "click".... I had to wire a
separate starter switch but I like it, it's like a rally car now.. :-)



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