turbo comparison

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Aug 9 15:04:11 EDT 2002

Taka, this doesn't surprise me at all, not sure who you talked to, but Eurospec is probably one of the last places I'd go for expert advice on the older Audi models (well, after I left that is  =)

The line of parts you see now at Eurospec I started developing over 4 years ago, some of them are just hitting the shelves, but I can tell you that a lot of those parts have been developded by a bunch of different people, so the continuity of development has been choppy at best.

Also, its funny to see, but most of the text on the site I wrote about 3-4 years ago  =)


>Please tell this to the folks at Eurospec (I believe that was Javad's
>former employer in CA). The guy they had at Waterfest insisted that the
>RS2 turbo was larger than a K26 found in a 5ktq. It was quite funny,
>that I knew more than him about the turbo. But he was right, of course,
>he actually had worked on a real RS2 at the shop. Okaaaay....
>Maybe the guy they had there was not indicative of their knowledge, but
>this guy also knew nothing of the differences between 3B/AAN EMs and the
>RS2 EM.
>That kind of stuff makes me shy away from doing any business with them.

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