'95 A6q fluids...DIY Maintenance

Mike Veglia msvphoto at pacbell.net
Fri Aug 9 12:18:26 EDT 2002

This new-to-us Audi A6q Avant is some 7 years newer than any Audi I have
owned before. So, some questions for you V6 owners out there (especially
100/A6 owners).

1. Oil changes. This is only the second Audi I have owned with a front
undertray (the first being an '88 80q). I can easily see the oil filter from
the top--so I assume I could replace it from the top? Haven't yet looked for
the drain. Does the undertray need to be removed for routine oil changes?
The car appears to have had Mobil 1 10-30 at half mfg recommended intervals
for it's whole life. Any good reason to not continue this? Is 10-30 a more
appropriate weight for the 12V V6 than the 20-50 M1 I use in the 5ktq? (I
assume so...)

2. PS oil. The label on the reservoir says G002000, and the reservoir is
full of what appears to be pretty fresh looking green gold. I normally get
my green gold from Rod at TPC, which I believe is the 7.1 grade stuff. There
have been past threads, which I haven't payed much attention to, debating
the compatibility of Pentosin 7.1 and 11--any resolution? Can I use the same
stuff I normally have on hand for the 5ktq to top up this newer car with
when/if it needs it?

3. Tranny fluid (slushbox). About 1 year and 10k miles ago the car had a
major transmission reseal job done at an Audi dealer (to the tune of $1300)
so it has a pretty fresh fill of factory fluid now. How often should the
slushbox fluid be flushed, is there a good DIY procedure written up for
this, what is the best fluid to use, and at what intervals? (Reason I ask,
the ovloV 850t trans I had should be flushed often--like every 25k miles or

Coolant looks good, but will get changed with the timing belt job. I'll
flush the brake fluid soon too (last time a brake fluid flush was documented
was at 60k miles).

So far the car seems to be a really good one, but still too early to tell
for sure. My wife loves it, which is the really important part (since it is
primarily her car).

Anyone have links to any good sites that include DIY maintenance/repair tips
for these newer V6 engine cars like there are for all the various older

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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