German type 44 scene

Tom Nas tnas at
Fri Aug 9 21:08:20 EDT 2002

At 10:54 9-8-02 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>Don't look now everyone, but looks like the type44 in Germany has become
>what the 80's Civic is here in the US:

I agree the yellow one with no rear door handles is OTT, but there are lots
of tastefully modified cars in the pics.

>Although I will say this- Tom, if you ever see the REAL carbon fiber trim
>for new-style type44 interiors, ask 'em where they got it from. SOMEONE in
>Europe has to have made some for the later type 44's...

I've never seen it for sale, I guess your only option is the fake stuff- or
just make it yourself from real CF. If I had a type 44, I'd repaint the
wood parts in high-gloss lacquer, like the optional trim on the new S3 and
A4. The S3 has 'piano finish' black, my brother's '02 A4 has grey trim.
Looks very restrained and nice.


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